Supported Living

What is supported living?

Supported living is when an individual is provided with care service at the comfort of their home, the aim of this service is to allow service users to live as independently as possible. 

Staff usually visit the home to help you get out of bed, go out to college, or work, and do simple tasks such as shopping, housework, and repairs. They can also help with administrative tasks and personal care. work with individuals to help them live the way they want to, and access services and social activities as required.

Supported living empowers individuals

Supported living empowers adults who are in need or are entitled to support within their own home whilst being provided with the help that is suitable for them. It allows them to choose:


Where they want to live

Who with

How they want to be supported

What happens in their own home

Service users may live in a flat or may be in a property where they are sharing with 2-3 other adults who also require similar services. Care that will be provided will be personalised to everyone needs whilst being cautious of keeping their independence or increasing it.    


Experience in supported living

Caritas Homecare specialises in supporting living therefore we have quite a large variety of clients who we provide this service to. We acquire lots of experience within this department and have a Specific team of staff put in place who provide this service. 

 We know from first-hand experience that the smallest of gestures can be a huge help for people who require supported living therefore we will ensure familiar faces when staff come to visit for the service user and staff members to build together a bond. In addition to this our staff members will make sure service users routines and patterns are not affected and they quality of life is improved.

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