Parkinsons Homecare

Specialised Homecare

Parkinson’s is a very difficult condition that changes the life of the individuals because it leads to a variety of symptoms that are difficult to manage. Parkinson’s is a condition that it progressively effects parts of the brain, including tremors, slow movement, memory problems, anosmia (the loss of smell) and stiff muscles.

Caritas Homecare offer specialised service for individuals who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the service will also make sure that the individuals independence is taken into consideration whilst aiming to provide the best service with helping clients to achieve they day to day tasks. 

About our services

Individuals that have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease often have difficulty with completing they everyday tasks which they would’ve done with ease previously, therefore our team at Caritas will willingly aid service users to achieve these tasks to keep the service users’ lifestyle as normal as possible. Furthermore, our Parkinson’s homecare plan will be unique to each service user tailored to the needs they require for them to experience a good quality of life.  

The services we provide for Parkinson’s Disease clients are the following:

Assistance with Shower and Oral care

Changing into day wear or nightwear in evening

Prepare meals

Administer Medication

Domestic Tasks

Ensuring clients and they properties are left safe after each visit

Engaging within the community

At Caritas Homecare we ensure that our clients have some sort of relationship and engagement within the local community, we will achieve this by assisting and taking clients on weekly shopping trips and Medical Appointments.

Moreover, we will aim to keep client’s bonds in tacked with friends and family within the community by accompanying clients to see them.

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