Mental Health Care

Professional support for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental health

Our team at Caritas Homecare provide support for individuals who have been diagnosed with mental health, Individuals may have a primary mental health diagnosis e.g., schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder or bipolar, they may also have secondary needs relating to autism and personality disorder.

Each and everyday our clients show enormous amount of courage some of the individuals we provide our homecare services to may have a history of substance abuse and may have had a traumatic and difficult past or upbringing. Our experienced members of staff engage and work with these individuals daily for them to make positive steps each and everyday and help them to overcome any hurdles. 

Enhanced Support & Care Plan

Everyone of our clients will have a unique care plan put into place which will allow each client to achieve they goals in overcoming circumstances that are troubling them. Each of our mental health clients will be encouraged and aided with their recovery by our team of experienced staff. 

Our team inspire confidence, promote informed choice, and help our clients to develop everyday skills. We celebrate the small steps forward, whilst promoting resilience to be able to manage any possible steps back.

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