Dementia Care

Specialists in Dementia Care

At Caritas Homecare we are aware it can be quite traumatising for individuals who have been diagnosed with Dementia and their loved ones, changes within their day to day routine can cause them distress therefore at Caritas Homecare our Employees specialise in Dementia care and are devoted in providing the best possible service for clients within the comfort of their own home. 

Every client that is provided a service from the Caritas team is personally visited by our registered manager, who puts together a personalised Care plan that is person centred. This means that each client has a say in the way they would like they care to be provided and ensure that they need, and requirements are met. Moreover, Service users will experience regular calls and visits from our registered manager to ensure that they are satisfied with the care provided. 

Support to live a positive lifestyle and help to keep standard of living good during the challenging time for service users.

Assisting out of bed

Personal care, such as washing, dressing and meal preps

Support with tasks around the house

Assistance with medication

Build a bond/relationship with service users.

Assist with tasks outside of home such as shopping.

Types of Visits

In general, we will provide two types of visits depending on the service users’ requirements these are either a 30-minute visit or a 60 minute however these could also be longer depending on what the service users are obliged to.  On these visits service users will be provided with care aimed around the care plan, also our staff will ensure that each service users property is safe before they leave and will lock up if obligatory.   

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