Learning Disability Care

We believe that their are no restrictions with the activities you wish to take part.

At Caritas Homecare we offer learning difficulty care services this service allows individuals to gain life developing skills by providing care support that will allow them to live independently within their homes and a service that will allow them to liaise within the community.

We believe that they are no restrictions with the activities you wish to take part in also our range of experienced staff will aim to help you succeed in accomplishing your ambitions by providing the appropriate levels of care required, moreover we will make sure the care plan that is put into place is constructed around your requirements. 

A team of experienced support workers are available to provide the care that is right for you 24/7 or on an hourly basis to suit your individual needs. All our staff are trained to a high standard in their role.

Learning Disability Services Involve:

Help with budgeting skills and paying bills for your home

Choose and prepare meals and snacks

Support with medication and health appointments

Keeping your home clean and safe

Help with the laundry of clothes and bedding

Help with benefit claims and filling out forms

Accessing training courses and college

Maintain links with friends and family

Advice on health and safety

Assist with religious and cultural observances

Social arrangements and accessing the community

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